Franciacorta is the magic of a territory that has become synonymous with one of its most precious products, known and appreciated everywhere: the sparkling wine produced with the classic method, Franciacorta.

The Sparkling Wine, produced with the Classic method, has made this area between Brescia and Lake Iseo a national reference point. Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the product specification of the controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin DOCG Franciacorta, which sees its main characteristic in the second fermentation in the bottle..

From the archaeological finds that testify the presence of an ancient viticulture, passing through the medieval era with the activity of the Benedictine monks, from whose communities called “curtis francae” derives the name Franciacorta, up to the boom of cellars in the sixties: the entire history of this territory is intimately linked to the production of wine.


It is in this place, both technological and with a taste of the past, that Franciacorta Bèlon sparkling wines come to life, the cellars of Erbusco, next to Lake Iseo. Between craftsmanship and innovation, a unique space, where a precious wine is created and kept.

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