It is a symphony in which each chord is calibrated for the magic of the whole. Nature itself sets the tone, followed by the transformation process according to the score of the Classical Method. But it is Bèlon du Bèlon’s mastery of interpretation that makes the result unique.

In the Bèlon Method, the secret is the care dedicated to each phase of the production process: enhancing the terroir and the vine is the ultimate goal, but it can only be achieved if you care about every single step.

The way the grapes are handled when they are picked and put in the boxes, are classified, cooled and selected, makes the difference. We know it. This is why we choose delicacy and attention, also reserving it for the washing process, because it is the basis of the purity of the wines we will obtain. Nothing is left to chance.

The pressing takes place in the absence of oxygen. The must obtained is then fermented in small French oak barrels and in steel tanks.

During the bottling phases, where each bottle is uniquely marked to guarantee its traceability, we proceed with the addition of the liqueur de tirage, a blend of wine, selected yeasts and mineral substances, to continue the fermentation process that takes place in the dark of the cellars, with controlled atmosphere.

Over the months and years, the yeasts transform the natural sugars of the grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide, thus generating the “foaming”, which gives the sparkling wine its typical effervescence.

Indeed, the Classic Method is characterized by the second fermentation. For this, the final processing includes the delicate phase of remouage, in which we eliminate the sediment making it flow towards the neck of the bottle with a delicate rotating movement. At this point, we proceed with disgorging and with the subsequent refilling, the so-called liqueur d’expedition, a “secret blend” on which many of the characteristics that make Bèlon du Bèlon wines depend.

It takes years for this alchemical process to come to an end. The scrupulous processing is in harmony with the passage of time and the love reserved for every detail; this is the only way to compose the harmony of bubbles, truly unforgettable on the palate, that characterizes every bottle of Bèlon.


It is in this place, both technological and with a taste of the past, that Franciacorta Bèlon sparkling wines come to life, the cellars of Erbusco, next to Lake Iseo. Between craftsmanship and innovation, a unique space, where a precious wine is created and kept.

Come and visit us.