Permeated with the precious qualities of the hilly area of Franciacorta and refreshed by the alpine currents and the breeze of Lake Iseo, the centuries-old vineyards that give rise to the Bèlon du Bèlon wine hand down their history to every single bottle.

There are 7 hectares of vineyards: 5.5 with Chardonnay and 1.5 with Pinot Noir. The crus are distributed in various positions on the land and their different exposures contribute to enrich the aromatic heritage of the grapes. In this way, the structure and complexity in the composition of the cuvées are accentuated.

From the vineyards we move to the cellar which is the place, both technological and with a taste of the past, where Franciacorta Bèlon sparkling wines come to life. It is located in Erbusco, in the province of Brescia and annually records a production of about 63,500 bottles.

Cesare Ferrari is the person who run all the steps for the best harmony. He is an oenologist specializing in the classic method, with over 45 years of experience in the best wineries in Italy.

The dedication reserved for each phase of production is sealed in this magical place, the cellars, where the most advanced technology blends with the most ancient craftsmanship: the grapes pass from the cooling cells to handling in the absence of oxygen, with methods of decanting and bottling lines that preserve and amplify its characteristics.

And so, in this framework, every single transformation, every treatment aimed at accentuating the quality of Franciacorta Bèlon can only take place under the careful and scrupulous gaze of the founder Paolo Perin. The strict rules of the Consortium that protects Franciacorta are a step in the meticulousness and ambition to offer a product of the highest quality.


It is in this place, both technological and with a taste of the past, that Franciacorta Bèlon sparkling wines come to life, the cellars of Erbusco, next to Lake Iseo. Between craftsmanship and innovation, a unique space, where a precious wine is created and kept.

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