The irresistible attraction that only the most tasty and refined food can evoke: Bèlon is the best oyster in the world, the variety that is aged and harvested in the estuary of the Bèlon river, in western Brittany.

Nothing more appropriate can define the consistency and quality of our wines, which appeal for their fine and persistent perlage.
Thousands of small rising bubbles come to life in the Bèlon du Bèlon glasses, just as delicate and precious as “pearl necklaces”. Lively suggestions to evoke magical and effervescent atmospheres at every toast.

The Bèlon du Bèlon label was founded in 2000 from the ambition of Paolo Perin to offer a wine capable of perfectly expressing the characteristics of the terroir of Franciacorta and its best grapes. The meticulous attention to processing and the search for the best yield, aiming at the continuous improvement of the result, are the guarantee of superior quality.

Bèlon du Bèlon is a label that rewards the most demanding palates because it embodies the love, experience and knowledge of two generations of careful wine selectors.

The history of Bèlon du Bèlon is sewn around Paolo’s memories, his childhood. When all the children dreamed of going to the moon, he dreamed of being able to stay on earth. That rich land of Franciacorta, steeped in the scents of vineyards and cellars, when even the pressing of the grapes was just a game.

“I follow with conviction and pride the path my father Umberto took many years ago. Excellence wines have been part of my past, my history, since childhood.

Bèlon du Bèlon is the fruit of my life path: it is the expression of my passion for wine, the pleasure of an experience that is handed down.”



It is in this place, both technological and with a taste of the past, that Franciacorta Bèlon sparkling wines come to life, the cellars of Erbusco, next to Lake Iseo. Between craftsmanship and innovation, a unique space, where a precious wine is created and kept.

Come and visit us.